Highlights About EyeCheckup

We would like to devote some time to discuss what EyeCheckup is and why EyeCheckup is important for the health and well-being of people across the globe. EyeCheckup is an artificial intelligence-supported eye examination system. This program can be utilized by optometrists, ophthalmologists, and other medical professionals to help expand eye care into different communities. Additionally, EyeCheckup has rightly drawn the attention of investors and AI aficionados who understand the tremendous impact that this platform can have.

What is EyeCheckup?

The EyeCheckup system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to perform eye tests that are crucial to overall ocular and systemic health. With this program, photos are taken of the retina (back part of the eye) and processed through an AI software to classify the retina into one of two categories; “healthy/normal eye” or “anomalous/non-normal eye.” 

  • EyeCheckup can detect dozens of retinal conditions in an efficient and accurate manner without requiring intervention by an eye doctor.

How can EyeCheckup help protect your eyes?

  • EyeCheckup tests may provide early diagnosis of eye conditions which may,
  • Prevent or reduce vision loss,
  • Prompt urgent referrals to an optometrist or ophthalmologist,
  • Lead to earlier treatment/management.

Where EyeCheckup is used?

  • Hospital systems
  • Eye clinics
  • EyeCheckup kiosks 
  • Primary care offices
  • Certain dedicated public locations

In short, EyeCheckup’s AI-based retinal imaging program can improve the health and vision of people everywhere. 

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