World Glaucoma Day

Glaucoma is an eye disease that affects millions of people across the globe. In most cases, glaucoma indicates that the pressure inside the eye is too high and may therefore damage the optic nerve, which connects the eyes and the brain. If the optic nerve is affected by high eye pressure people can lose peripheral vision.

Although progression is usually slow, glaucoma can cause blindness if not addressed and managed with treatment. Fortunately, most people with glaucoma are treated simply with eye drops to lower the eye pressure. Surgical procedures are an option in advanced cases.

One of the tricky things about glaucoma is that it causes little to no symptoms. In other words, glaucoma usually does not cause pain or blurry central vision. The asymptomatic nature of this disease emphasizes the importance of eye exams and screening tests to properly diagnose glaucoma. The earlier glaucoma is diagnosed, the sooner treatment can begin which leads to a better prognosis.

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