World Health Day

What comes to your mind when you think of health? It is the harmonious functioning of health, spirit and body integrity. Apart from eating a healthy diet and exercising, routine health examinations play a crucial role in overall well-being.

We’ve all heard the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. As it turns out, the eyes may actually be the windows to overall health. Many insidious diseases manifest with signs showing up in the eyes. That is why health experts, physicians and scientists recommend annual eye examinations. One of the quirks about the eyes is that the retina (back part of the eye) does not have pain receptors. So people do not necessarily “feel” disease in the back of the eye. Rather, eye conditions are discovered by optometrists and ophthalmologists during eye exams.

How eye diseases are diagnosed?

  • Visual acuity test
  • Retina examination after dilation
  • Eye pressure test
  • Checking peripheral vision
  • Macula and optic nerve evaluation- many other exam methods

These tests, and others, help eye doctors diagnose, treat, and manage a wide variety of ocular conditions. EyeCheckup aims to play an important role in the eye health of everyone by screening for dozens of eye diseases without requiring immediate intervention by an eye physician. Imagine going to your local health center and having access to the EyeCheckup platform. This vision is already being implemented in major locations and will continue to spread rapidly. EyeCheckup wants people everywhere to care as much about their eyes as we do.

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