Capture Retinal Image

Capture Retinal Image


Capture Retinal Image

According to WHO(World Health Organization) 2010 Global Data On Visual Impairments, globally the number of people of all ages visually impaired is estimated to be 285 million, of whom 39 million are blind and 246 million having low vision. 65 % of people visually impaired and 82% of all blind are 50 years and older. 

The causes of blindness are cataract 51%, glaucoma 8%, AMD 5%, childhood blindness and corneal opacities 4%, uncorrected refractive errors and trachoma 3%, and diabetic retinopathy 1%, the undetermined causes are 21%. The preventable causes are as high as 80% of the total global burden. You can prevent visual impairment with early diagnosis.

The eye is one of our most important sensory organ. Composed of many parts, the human eye works just like a digital camera. Ophthalmologists prefer retinal fundus images for continuous monitoring and progression of eye disease. For those of us with healthy eyes, we might miss the importance of a routine eye test. However, early detection of any eye or vision problems is crucial to keeping your eyes healthy. And all it requires is a simple eye test. Vision loss can be prevented with the EyeCheckup artificial intelligence supported early detection system and you can do this easily with EyeCheckup. 

Using a non-mydriatic fundus camera integrated with EyeCheckup, two different images (macula centered, ONH centered) are captured from both eyes.

  • Software can automatically identify the ODN-centered and Macula-centered images, as well, as right/left eye images, and prompt the user to provide the missing image types.
  • Invalid images (clipped, fluo, overexposed, too dark, eye closed) shall be able to detected, notify the GUI in time so invalid images can be re-taken.

And then images are sent to the cloud for analysis.


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